Micropeel Sensitive Skin

Micropeel Sensitive Skin

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GLYCOLIC ACID: the gold standard AHA for gentle, effective exfoliation. Derived from sugar cane although now generally synthesized for clinical use. Smallest AHA molecule allows the deepest (superficial) penetration.​

  • Increases epidermal cellular turnover by reducing corneocyte cohesion​
  • Supports the skin’s natural production of structural proteins​
  • Increases production of GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans)​
  • Improves the appearance of epidermal lines, pigmentation, and pore size​

​LACTIC ACID: hydrating acid for an immediate skin benefit and “red carpet glow”. Acts as a humectant to bind water in the skin for an immediate increase in smoothness and hydration.​

PHYTIC ACID: for additional brightening, with additional antioxidant properties to fight free radical damage. Ideal for problematic skin to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes.


  • 12% glycolic acid: the gold standard AHA for gentle, effective exfoliation​
  • 8% lactic acid: hydrating acid for an immediate skin benefit​
  • 2% phytic acid: for additional brightening​

2% niacinimide -helps reduce the appearance of skin discoloration and blotchiness, helps promote skin’s moisture barrier

10% sage extract- a skin-soothing botanical known for its antioxidant benefits